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lol ppl
  bigbb33, May 30 2010

Read my last blog post + comments. I didn't know of the results of the fight at that time and therefore was incapable of spoilers for anyone. That I happened to pick 2/3 or 3/4 was just luck. Thought it was obvious from context of "my picks" that I was making picks late without knowledge of who had won.

edit: I guess it is hard to read into the fact that I didn't know the results and was making picks. Sorry bros. Must have been shocked when + Show Spoiler +

won though, eh?

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R******** won
  bigbb33, May 30 2010

This already happened but I haven't watched as I prefer to dl the next day and avoid crappy streams.

Picking: Rashad via decision, Diego loses, Bisping loses.

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Shit just got real
  bigbb33, May 04 2010

Random browsing through Fayth's HH's, trying to his ID so I can PTR him, and I come across this:

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